Startup Stress? Yoga Can Help

Girl doing yoga for startup stress

Just like you need to unplug from your devices from time to time, yoga is great for taking time to mentally renew and unplug, says Innovate Springfield member and yoga instructor Elizabeth Farrar. Yoga helps you go back into things with a clean mind and a fresh perspective, Farrar continued.

A clean mind and a fresh perspective are important for anyone, but they are essential for entrepreneurs. Whether it’s pressure to meet a deadline or juggling a busy schedule, entrepreneurs combat stress daily. This is normal.

Stress may be completely normal, but reducing stress and staying healthy can actually boost your productivity and engagement at work. Research shows that yoga can help control stress, reduce anxiety, improve mood, and more. If the key to beating stress is managing it, your all-in-one tool is yoga.

If a little bit of exercise and deep breathing can keep you productive and engaged in your startup, why not combine the two? Stop by iSPI for yoga. Then you can get back to what’s most important–building your startup.

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