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Welcome to our Articles section. You can explore ShoutBuddy bonus materials, transcripts, and iSPI newsletter pieces. We keep this area stocked, so you have plenty to read between podcasts!

Why We Supplement Podcasts

We believe in the importance of inspiring innovation in our community. So, we tell the stories of local innovators and dreamers. However, our podcast stories are often condensed. Our interview guests provide extra details that we don’t always have time for in a single podcast. As a result, we write up bonus articles with this material. If you loved a certain podcast episode, you can likely read more about it here! If you want to know more about a guest on our podcast, you can learn more here!

In addition, ShoutBuddy curates the monthly newsletter for the Springfield business incubator, Innovate Springfield (iSPI). This section houses our best pieces from past newsletters, so you always have something to read.

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High school classes don’t typically allow students to learn directly from mentors and entrepreneurs, but Sangamon CEO is striving to change that. Sangamon CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) is a privately-funded class that empowers high school seniors to become young innovators and entrepreneurs. Over the course of the school year, students […]

Sangamon CEO: Investing in People